So, here goes nothing…

I’ve always been the creative type, love to do mixed media art and paper crafting, and I love watching other people do it even more.  Seems like everyone has a space on the interwebz to share their thoughts, in many different forms, so I’ll start with this.  

Writing, I’ve always been really good at writing, and I’ve often considered writing things that other people might want to read, but never really put much effort into it.  So, I guess I’m back trying the blog thing again, after a few failed attempts to feel the vibe in the past.  

Yeah, nothing too exciting to say yet, I haven’t created that pull that makes you give a crap about my story.  At some point, I’ll make it happen, it will be like waiting for the next episode of Grey’s Anatomy, who will Meredith screw next time, what hot guy will show up and ruin her life, who will she kill on the operating table.  Yeah, I’m going for that kind of excitement, a real train wreck of a good time!

I’ll probably share some art on here, and if I get good at keeping up with this (which I doubt, because I’m lazy, and I think I have ADHD), then maybe I’ll pay for more storage space so I can post more pictures.

This isn’t a G rated blog, I cuss like a sailor (I’d prefer to be a pirate, Yarrr!) and the f-bomb is one of my favorite words, aside from the unique phrases that I make up and spout out uncontrollably…My personality spits sarcasm at every turn and for the most part, I hate people.  I just want them to leave me the hell alone, aside from a select few that I choose to associate myself with.

Yep, I’m a real fun gal, so put your crash helmet on and hold onto the OH SHIT handle for a ride, I will probably give you one.

That’s all for now, it’s hard work trying to be interesting, and I don’t really give a shit if you like what I put out here or not.  Once I figure out where I’m going with this, it will be for me to enjoy, and if you want to enjoy it, knock yourself out.